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9 Of 10 Most-Ignored Global Crises In Africa: Report

“Cameroon, DR Congo, Burkina Faso are facing most neglected crises in world”. By Felix Tih

Africa is home to 9 of 10 most-neglected crises across the globe, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) said on Wednesday. According to the NRC report, the 10 most neglected crises are in Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Venezuela, Mali, South Sudan, Nigeria, Central African Republic, and Niger. The countries listed above are experiencing terror attacks, internal conflicts, or antigovernment protests. “The deep crises represented by millions of displaced Africans are yet again the most underfunded, ignored and deprioritized in the world,” Jan Egeland, secretary-general of the NRC, said. “They are plagued by diplomatic and political paralysis, weak aid operations, and little media attention. Despite facing a tornado of emergencies, their SOS calls for help fall on deaf ears,” Egeland added. The report said humanitarian crises in these countries are expected to worsen throughout 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic. “COVID-19 is spreading across Africa, and many of the most neglected communities are already devastated by the economic shocks of the pandemic,” said Egeland. For the second year in a row, dire straits in Cameroon topped the list as the most neglected crisis in the world in 2019, according to the NRC. Cameroon was followed by the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Venezuela, Mali, South Sudan, Nigeria, Central African Republic, and Niger. Cameroon has been marred by protests since 2016, with residents in English-speaking regions 

saying they have been marginalized for decades by the central government and the French-speaking majority. Violence in the Anglophone regions over the last three years has claimed an estimated 3,000 lives and caused the displacement of over 730,000 civilians, according to the Human Rights Watch, an international NGO based in New York. Underfunded aid appeals The NRC said Africa's Sahel Region saw extreme violence this year, “yet with massively underfunded aid appeals. Niger and Burkina Faso appeared on the list for the first time.” Last month, the UN said prolonged crises and widespread violence in Nigeria’s Lake Chad region and Sahel Africa could fuel a humanitarian challenge for 24 million people, with half of them children. “Violence in many parts of Africa has not stopped because of COVID-19. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Mali, and South Sudan, families continue to be forcibly uprooted, fueling alreadydire displacement crises now complicated by COVID-19,” Patrick Youssef, the incoming regional director of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Africa, told Anadolu Agency via an email. “Our teams every day see the resilience of displaced families to carve out a living after losing everything to conflict, but now they face a crisis on top of a crisis. “Physical distancing is impossible. Running water, soap and medical care are often hard to come by. And the rising price effect of COVID-19 hits empty stomachs hard. Violence and COVID-19 are a tragic combination for far too many,” Youssef said.

Using Social Media To Jump Start Your Business After A Shutdown

When we talk about social media marketing to most business owners, what readily comes to mind is the ability to sell products or services to many clients.

 Over the years, many business owners have struggled to make this conversion and many have thrown in the towel, and or worse given up drawing the conclusion that it doesn't work.

 The fact still remains that social media continues to be a great place to display your brand and interact with your prospects.

 The process of achieving this goal should be seen as a marathon and not a sprint.

 Here are a few ideas to help business owners begin the process of having social media marketing success as you open your doors again to customers. Are you where they are?

 Most business owners don't know their customer personar in order to determine which social media platform will be the best place to find them.

 One size does not fit all. 

most teenagers don't have Facebook accounts meaning, if you have a driving school business the best place to engage with teens will be on Snapchat or TikTok in addition to Facebook. Stop selling Most consumers don't want to be sold to, they want to buy, meaning they want all the information and assurance they need so they can make up their mind at some point in their decision journey. It's usually the opposite of what small business owners do on social media. Every post they put out screams “buy from me”, and prospects are asking, “why should I buy from you when I don't know you or what you sell or how you can help me”. Investing time to develop content in the form of blogs, and video to help prospects learn about how your band can help them solve their problems always wins. To do this effectively,  posting about once 4 to 5 days a week on social media is a good place to start.

 Let your prospects stay There is the mindset that every post should be pitching a sale. We tend to post links which take prospects away from our social media to our website. Let that be just 20% of the time. Rather,  focus on posts that promote interactions. With this approach, Facebook over

time will reward you when the time comes to run a paid campaign. Facebook will show your ads to more people because your post keeps your followers on Facebook. What about the Tube? YouTube still remains a huge opportunity for business owners to advertise and increase conversion but very few do so. Ads on YouTube are served to prospects based on their intent. Therefore,  if I search for a video on cars not only will I see ads on cars but will also see ads on car insurance. The icing on the cake is you don't pay for the ad until it's clicked and if you communicate your message within 5 seconds before the skip button is activated you get your message through. In addition the visual appeal YouTube offers make the impression stronger and your prospects will remember you when it's time to buy. Keep it simple When posting content on your social media page. Keep it simple and relevant. Using an image of a person smiling or a pet always forms an emotional connection. Do your best not to add text on top of the image if possible otherwise Facebook will rank your ad low. Don't ask don't tell Don't ask for clicks, shares or ask guests to buy. This reduces your facebook ranking, the 

goal is to engage with your guest most of the time. Asking followers to post an emoji describing how they feel being home for the past 2 months is a good place to start. Post relevant content Content which triggers an emotional response are the best. My best approach is to have your post reflect what is happening in our world and how it relates to your brand, so if it's spring and you sell airline tickets give your fellowers ideas on how to plan their next trip or even better give them Ideas of places to visit. You can alway provide steps on how to solve a problem. Say something As your followers begin to respond, interact with them by saying thanks to their comments, agree with them on what they said or even use your response to correct a wrong view of your brand and show how you've help other guests. Our customers are going to demand more from us so let's communicate with them by not only telling them our business is safe for them to come back, but also showing them pictures of our storefront or office with the safety measures and changes they should expect when they visit so they will feel safe. 
Akwasi Oppong operates a Website Design and Social media marketing Agency www.web-this.com social@web-this.com

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